Zain Cash Payment Methods In Iraq

Zain Cash, a prominent mobile wallet service in Iraq, offers a range of convenient payment methods to enhance financial transactions. Users can easily top up their Zain Cash wallets through various channels, including mobile recharge cards, bank transfers, and retail agents across the country. Additionally, Zain Cash supports bill payments, enabling subscribers to settle utility bills and other expenses effortlessly. The service also facilitates peer-to-peer transfers, ensuring seamless money exchanges between users. With its user-friendly interface and widespread availability, Zain Cash continues to play a pivotal role in promoting digital financial inclusion and simplifying payments in Iraq.

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Zain Cash Iraq


A mobile wallet known as Zain Cash was introduced in 2018 after receiving authorization from the Central Bank of Iraq. It is possible to make payments, transfer money, pay bills, and buy online services with this eWallet, which gives its users a variety of financial management options. 

We anticipate that it will soon be supported in online casinos and sports betting sites, similar to the Vodafone Cash and Etisalat Cash wallets that are available in several Arab nations. Despite the fact that this wallet is not yet available for use on online betting sites, we anticipate that it will become available shortly.

What Is Zain Cash?

Zain Cash is a mobile wallet and digital financial services platform operating in Iraq and other select countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. It is a subsidiary of Zain Group, one of the leading telecommunications providers in the MENA area. Zain Cash offers a range of financial services through its mobile application, primarily targeting unbanked or underbanked individuals and promoting financial inclusion in Iraq and neighboring regions.

Zain Cash Pros

Accessible on any mobile device: The Zain Cash app is user-friendly and straightforward on any mobile device. All you need is a Zain line, a smartphone, and an internet connection to set up a new account on this wallet. After signing up, you can get your Wallet Card and activate your account at any official service center.

Meager fees: This e-wallet has extremely cheap transaction costs of just 1%, which are assessed solely when depositing or withdrawing. However, if you don’t make any cash deposits or withdrawals, the proportion drops below 1%.

Free prepaid card: Zain Cash provides a free prepaid MasterCard pocket card that may be used at any ATM and online at any merchant that accepts MasterCard. This includes online casinos and sportsbooks.

Useful for a wide variety of businesses and causes: The eWallet can be used to make purchases from travel agencies, cable networks, movie theaters, hotels, car rental agencies, and even charitable foundations.

Zain Cash Cons

Available in Iraq only: The WaltCard card can be used on websites and at any ATM worldwide, however this eWallet is only available within Iraq.

The amount of Iraqi dinars can’t be used online: Online transactions are foreign transfers that use the US dollar instead of the Iraqi dinar. So, even if you have enough Iraqi dinars in your account, you won’t be able to use them online. As you must go to the nearest service center and charge your account in US dollars to do online activities.

Transaction limits may not be suitable for users: The limits for money exchanges, deposits, and withdrawals start at 5,000 dinars and go up to a maximum of 100,000 dinars, which may not be enough for some users, especially when buying goods and services online. Also, gift cards can only be worth up to $100 at most.

How To Create A New Account In Zain Cash Wallet?

Download the Zain Cash App: Start by downloading the Zain Cash mobile app from the official app store for your device (e.g., Google Play Store for Android or Apple App Store for iOS).

Install and Open the App: Once the app is downloaded, install it on your mobile device and open it.

Select “Sign Up” or “Create Account”: On the app’s welcome screen or home page, look for an option that allows you to sign up or create a new account. This option is typically prominently displayed.

Provide Personal Information: You’ll be asked to enter your personal information, which may include your full name, mobile phone number, email address, and sometimes your date of birth. Ensure that the information you provide is accurate.

Verify Your Phone Number: Zain Cash will likely send a verification code to the mobile phone number you provided. Enter the code to verify your phone number.

Set a Secure PIN: Create a secure and confidential PIN code for your Zain Cash wallet. This PIN code will be used to authorize transactions and access your account.

Complete Identity Verification: Depending on local regulations and Zain Cash’s policies, you may need to complete identity verification. This can involve submitting photos of identification documents such as your national ID card or passport.

Add a Payment Method: Link a payment method to your Zain Cash wallet. Common methods include linking a mobile phone account, a bank account, or using cash at authorized agents. Follow the app’s instructions for adding and verifying your payment method.

Review and Accept Terms and Conditions: Carefully review and accept Zain Cash’s terms and conditions, privacy policy, and any other relevant agreements.

Complete Registration: Once you’ve provided all the required information and completed the necessary steps, your Zain Cash wallet account should be created.

Set Up Security: Configure security settings for your account, such as additional PIN codes for transactions or enabling biometric authentication if available.

Start Using Zain Cash: You can now use your Zain Cash wallet account to send and receive money, make payments, and access other financial services offered by the platform.

How To Get Zain Cash Via The Internet

After enabling the Zain Cash wallet on your phone number, you may get the software from either the Google Play or Apple software Store by searching for (Zain Cash).

To access your account after downloading and installing the app, you will need to input the Zain line number and then enter the OTP code that you received in a text message.

The software provides a wide variety of features and a user-friendly interface, including the following.

Financial report. The application will prompt you to enter your account password when you click the account statement.

Location of the Nearest Authorized Service Provider. Turn on your mobile device’s GPS to locate the nearest Zain representative.

Restoring the Balance. You can add anywhere from 5,000 to 100,000 dinars to your wallet balance or the balance of another wallet using this software. To add money to a friend’s account, just input his number or scan his QR code.

You can send money to other users or request payments from them using the “Money Transfer” feature.

Withdraw funds by entering the code of the nearest agent (or scanning its QR code or finding it on Google Maps if you don’t have the code). Next, decide how much money you want to remove.

Use the funds in your wallet to pay your Zain bill, which includes your line and internet service fees.

You can share your wallet’s unique QR code with other users so that they can send you money by selecting this option and sending it to them.

Using the Zain Wallet, you can purchase e-gift cards with a value of $10 to $100 that can be used at any of the thousands of online stores and mobile apps that use Mastercard. The following information is required to purchase this card:

  • Initial Letter(s)
  • The Surname
  • Given Name:
  • When you were born

The SMS message you receive after entering the required information in English will include the card number and CVV code.

When you activated your wallet on your line, you were prompted to create a password to protect the information stored in the Zain Cash app. To prevent others from guessing your password, you should pick something completely original and never use it again.

An important feature of this software is the ability to receive push notifications about incoming and outgoing payments.

Using The Zain Cash App To Purchase E-Gift Cards

You can use the Zain Cash app to buy virtual cards and use them to make in-app purchases on various services, including but not limited to the following:

  • Android Apps Apple Music
  • PS4 Online Network
  • Codes for Steam
  • Digital Game Codes for Xbox
  • “Careem,” “Fay,” and “Amazon”
  • Playing League of Legends
  • Zain prepaid cards are now available on the market.

Service Providers In The Zain App

The Zain app allows you to make payments for a wide variety of services, including:

  • Hotel and flight bookings with Zain Cash
  • Online Beauty and Health Education
  • Shopping on the Web
  • Furniture
  • Media stations
  • Events
  • Coverage for Travel Risks
  • Non-Profit Groups
  • Hotels
  • Services for Businesses

If you pay for these services through the Zain app, you can save anywhere from 5 percent to 50 percent.

Wallet Card

Zain Cash, in conjunction with the Switch Company, has introduced a prepaid card (Wallet Card) that can only be used by Zain Iraq customers.

Using the Zain Cash app, you may view your transaction history and account balance, and make online purchases of any kind, both inside and outside of Iraq.

WaltCard is widely regarded as the best Iraqi MasterCard because to its being issued by the Central Bank of Iraq and charging only 1% for both deposits and withdrawals. If you put in 100 dinars, you’ll only lose a single dinar! Zain Cash has recently stated that it will provide users in Baghdad with free delivery of this card within 24 hours.

It’s important to note that in order to get this card, the user must already have a permanent Zain Cash wallet. Your wallet account can then be activated by taking a copy of your identification to the nearest Zain Cash service representative.

The card provides access to two accounts: one denominated in Iraqi dinars and the other in U.S. dollars. This quality has the potential to be both helpful and problematic. You can better manage your finances, which is a major benefit. However, it is a drawback because you cannot spend Iraqi dinars on websites, which might be frustrating for many people. However, if you simply add US dollars to your balance, you won’t have to worry about this.

A prepaid Wallet Card’s universal acceptance means you can use it at any online merchant, from casinos to sportsbooks. However, Mastercard does not allow withdrawals from all gaming sites, so you cannot use it to collect your winnings. Therefore, a bank transfer is the only method of payment available to you.

Betfinal is a premier online gambling and sports betting platform that accepts Zain Cash and the Zain Wallet Card. It’s available in Arabic and Kurdish, there’s a $1,350 welcome bonus just for Iraqi players, and they get regular promotions. In addition, there are more than two thousand games available in the lobby.


Zain Cash is a leading digital financial service in Iraq, providing its customers with a reliable place to manage their money, make payments, and complete other financial operations. 

Zain Cash has helped millions of people and businesses around the country gain access to formal financial services through its simple mobile app and dedication to financial inclusion. Zain Cash is a shining example of the improvement and innovation taking place in Iraq’s financial sector at a time when digital finance is exploding in popularity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zain Cash is a digital payment and financial services platform in Iraq that allows users to manage their money, make payments, and conduct various transactions through a mobile app.

You can download the Zain Cash app from official app stores like the Google Play Store (for Android) or the Apple App Store (for iOS).

Zain Cash may have varying availability in different regions of Iraq. Check the app or website for information on service areas.

Zain Cash enables users to send and receive money, pay bills, make merchant payments, top up mobile credit, and more.

You can deposit money into your Zain Cash wallet by linking a bank account, using a credit/debit card, or visiting authorized agents. The app provides detailed instructions for each method.

Fees may apply for certain transactions, depending on the type of transaction and payment method used. Refer to the app or website for information on applicable fees.

You can typically withdraw funds by transferring them to a linked bank account, using ATMs, or visiting authorized agents. Specific withdrawal methods and fees may apply.

Yes, Zain Cash typically employs robust security measures, including encryption and authentication protocols, to protect user information and transactions.

You can usually contact Zain Cash’s customer support through the app or website for assistance with any issues or inquiries.

Zain Cash may offer loyalty programs that provide users with cashback, discounts, or other rewards for using the platform. Check the app for details on any available rewards programs.