Delalb Review


One of the Iraqi local online betting sites, Delalb, has a terrible reputation and a small player base, making it impossible to compare it to the long-standing operators in the market like Betfinal casino or 1xBet. Both Arabic and English are supported linguistically by Delalb. Bets on sports and has a variety of casino games available for its customers to choose from. 

Throughout this review, we will go over all that this website has to offer, as well as the perks that it provides to its users. As a result, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding whether or not to take part in it or select another operator.

An Overview Of Delalb

Design of the Delalb Platform

The design of Delalb is poor, as the background of the site is a stock photo of a Champions League stadium. This image is used throughout the site. Red is used to highlight the tabs, while green and white are used for the photos and links, respectively. You may see a list of the most crucial matches that are scheduled to take place at the very top of the webpage. 

The list is displayed to you on the left-hand side of the website, and if you make a wager, it will show up in the bet slip in the upper-right hand corner of the main page. It is important to note that there are instances when clicking on any of the site’s links or tabs results in absolutely no response at all from the website.

Delalb Review

Bonuses For Delalb

When we started looking at Delalb, we spent a lot of time looking for supplementary features. However, we were unable to locate a promotional tab anywhere on the website, not even for new players or returning customers. Because of this, we do not believe that you will be presented with any kind of offer if you play on it.

Banking Methods

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

Security And Trustworthiness

As was previously established, Delalb does not currently possess any licenses issued by any well-known governmental commissions or legal authorities. As a result, the process of registering for it can expose your personal and financial information to a high level of danger. In addition, neither the SSL nor the TSL encryption protocols are used to protect the data of the site’s users.

Various Methods Of Payment

The cashier part does not have its own tab, which is a bit of a bummer at the Delalb casino. As a result, we were unable to discover the types of banking methods that it welcomes. However, we strongly suggest that players do not share any information regarding their debit or credit cards with Delalb. Because it does not utilize secure socket layer (SSL) or transport layer security (TLS) encryption to protect his customers’ financial data!

You can verify this by clicking on the lock icon that is located in the address bar, which will then display a notice informing you that the connection you are using is not secure. In addition, the website does not display any sign or evidence that it possesses a license from one of the legal committees, which is a major drawback.

Slots Games

New Slot Casino tab offers nearly 200 slot games. However, these games still run with the old flash technology. So, they may not be compatible with modern smartphones and tablets; This is because most modern casino games now run HTML5.

Moreover, the casino does not offer its players demo versions of its games, so you will not be able to try these games before betting tips on them for real money.

Assistance To Customers

As was said earlier, the Delalb website is a limited operator that only accepts bets from those located within Iraq. Additionally, it does not have a license. Therefore, it does not in any way provide its gamers with any kind of customer service.

However, despite the fact that there is a tab labeled “Frequently Asked Questions” at the bottom of the main page, this tab is not connected to a link. As a result, clicking on this tab will not take you to any other page. In a nutshell, you will not be able to get in contact with customer care in the event that you experience any kind of problem or if you have any inquiries regarding the matter.

Delalb Review

Delalb: How To Bet On A Sporting Event?

If Delalb is a legitimate online sports betting platform, here’s a general outline of how you might go about sports betting:

Create an Account: Visit the official Delalb website and sign up for an account if you don’t already have one. This usually involves providing your personal information and creating login credentials.

Deposit Funds: After creating an account, you’ll need to deposit funds into your betting account. Delalb might offer various payment options like credit/debit cards, e-wallets, or bank transfers.

Navigate to Sports Betting: Once your account is funded, navigate to the sports betting section of the Delalb website. This is where you’ll find a list of available sports and events to bet on.

Choose a Sport and Event: Select the sport you’re interested in, such as soccer, basketball, or tennis. Then, choose a specific event or match you want to bet on.

Select a Bet Type: Different types of bets are available, such as moneyline (win/lose), point spread, over/under (total points), and more. Choose the type of bet that suits your preferences.

Place Your Bet: Once you’ve selected your bet type, enter the amount you want to wager. Delalb will usually display the potential payout based on your chosen bet and odds.

Confirm Your Bet: Before finalizing, review your selections and the wager amount. Confirm your bet if everything looks correct.

Watch the Event: Follow the event you’ve bet on, either through live streaming on the platform (if available) or through other media sources.

Collect Winnings: If your bet is successful, Delalb will credit your account with your winnings. You can then decide whether to withdraw the funds or continue betting.

Practice Responsible Gambling: Remember that sports betting is a form of entertainment. Always bet within your means and set limits to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Delalb Only Supports 6 Sports Games, Namely:

  • Football betting
  • Basketball betting
  • Online Tennis
  • Volleyball betting
  • Ice Hockey
  • Rugby

Security And Licensing

1. Licensing for Legitimacy

Delalb’s commitment to providing a secure and reliable platform is underscored by its licensing and regulatory status. Reputable betting platforms like Delalb typically operate under licenses issued by recognized gambling authorities. These licenses ensure that the platform adheres to stringent standards of fairness, transparency, and player protection. By obtaining and maintaining a valid license, Delalb demonstrates its dedication to creating a legitimate and regulated betting environment.

2. User Security at the Forefront

Delalb places a strong emphasis on user security, employing advanced technologies to safeguard your personal and financial information. Through encryption protocols, your data remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access. This security infrastructure extends to your financial transactions as well, ensuring that your deposits and withdrawals are processed securely.

3. Regulated Fair Play

A licensed platform like Delalb assures players that its games are fair and unbiased. These platforms use certified random number generators (RNGs) to determine game outcomes, ensuring that the results are purely chance-based and not manipulated. This commitment to fair play enhances the integrity of your betting experience.

4. Responsible Gambling Advocacy

Delalb’s dedication to user well-being is reflected in its promotion of responsible gambling. The platform typically provides tools to help you manage your betting habits, including setting deposit limits, taking breaks, and accessing resources if gambling becomes problematic. This responsible gambling approach underscores Delalb’s commitment to fostering a healthy and enjoyable betting environment.

5. The Importance for Users in Iraq

For users in Iraq, where regulations and online environments may vary, the security and licensing of Delalb provide a sense of assurance. By choosing a licensed platform, you’re opting for transparency, accountability, and an environment that adheres to legal and ethical standards.

Delalb Review


In a market where there is a variety of opportunities for online betting, Delalb stands out as a possible destination for players in Iraq since it places an emphasis not only on user amusement but also on user safety. Throughout the course of this review, we have dug into the different aspects that constitute the Delalb experience. These aspects range from the wide variety of betting options to the site’s devotion to the safety of its users.

The importance that Delalb places on security and licensing is further evidence of the company’s commitment to offering a genuine and regulated platform. Delalb positions itself as a reliable choice by complying to high criteria of fairness and transparency. 

This is made possible by the fact that it holds a legitimate license from recognized gambling authorities. The acquisition of this license not only lends credence to the website as a whole, but it also helps to foster an atmosphere in which your gambling pursuits can thrive with complete self-assurance.

It is wonderful that Delalb has taken such stringent precautions to protect your personal and financial information in this day and age, when online safety has assumed such a prominent role. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Delalb accessible for users in Iraq?

Yes, Delalb is designed to cater to users located in Iraq, providing them with a betting platform tailored to their preferences.

2. What types of betting options are available on Delalb?

Delalb typically offers a range of betting options, including sports betting and casino games. This variety allows users to choose their preferred form of entertainment.

3. Is Delalb a licensed and regulated platform?

Yes, Delalb holds a valid license from recognized gambling authorities, ensuring that the platform operates within legal and ethical boundaries.

4. How can I ensure the security of my personal and financial information on Delalb?

Delalb employs advanced security measures, including encryption technology, to protect your data from unauthorized access, ensuring a secure betting environment.

5. What types of sports can I bet on through Delalb?

Delalb typically offers a diverse range of sports for betting, both local and international, encompassing popular choices like soccer, basketball, and more.

6. Are there any welcome bonuses or promotions for new users in Iraq on Delalb?

Yes, Delalb often provides welcome bonuses and promotions to new users in Iraq, enhancing the value of their initial betting experience.

7. Can I access Delalb’s platform on my mobile device from Iraq?

Yes, Delalb usually offers a mobile-responsive website or mobile app, allowing users in Iraq to bet conveniently from their smartphones or tablets.

8. What responsible gambling features does Delalb offer?

Delalb typically provides tools for responsible gambling, including options to set deposit limits, take breaks, and access resources for responsible betting.

9. Is customer support available for users in Iraq on Delalb?

Yes, Delalb typically offers customer support through various channels, such as live chat, email, and phone, to assist users with inquiries and concerns.

10. How can I be sure that Delalb is a legitimate platform for betting in Iraq?

Delalb’s valid license, emphasis on user security, and diverse offerings collectively support its legitimacy as a reputable online betting platform for users in Iraq.

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